is for everyone interested in how arts and culture impact on people and places.

Our aim is to ensure we

  • are more able to advocate for the impact of art and culture
  • know how to reflect and improve on what we are doing
  • can empower audiences and participants to be makers or co-creators

As we develop, we hope to become an exchange network providing a new collaborative
platform for people to share ideas, find support and meet like-minded practitioners.

People from our events said...

How do we spend our time better so we are continuously planning and reflecting?

A good framework would help … tell a better (more complex) story… define what is valuable… feed your practice and empower you… capture surprises and unexpected outcomes… everyone benefit from the evaluation process.

There are lots of models and lots of experience out there - we need to harness that and coordinate into a national framework.

Mandy Barnett

Mandy Barnett is director of MB Associates and the learning evaluator for Happy Museum, a founder member

Jocelyn Cunningham

Jocelyn Cunningham is director of Arts and Society, and leads on Arts and Social Change programmes for the RSA

Pippa Jones

Pippa Jones is director of PIP Creatives and lead of Create Gloucestershire, a founder member